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K Y N  

produced by Rakumba / 2024

KYN imbues the area with direct and indirect light using the rotating function of the individual luminaries. The luminaries can be individually disassembled into three mobile lamps and freely positioned in order to distribute the light in the room and create the desired lighting atmosphere. When assembled, the individual luminaries are charged independently of the respective operating mode. 

KYN (former Baschnja) was awarded as BEST OF with the Design Plus Award powered by: Light + Building 2020 and got the first prize at the Pure Talents Contest 2019 (IMM).

mouth-blown glass
anodized alumium
electronic hardware

Size: height 850 mm

Photos: Florestan Schuberth

_U6B8863 Kopie.jpg
_U6B8876 Kopie.jpg
_U6B8884 Kopie.jpg
_U6B8931 Kopie.jpg
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